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Table Du Renard

Sangha, Mali

The mystical Dogon Country is one of the last outposts of African ancient wisdom in the world it's also the most visited area in Mali.

The various villages differ quite a bit. In the Dogon village of Sangha, learn the traditional way that people greet each time pass they pass one another.

See the table drawn in the sand called (Table du Renard)  a divination table created by a Diviner or Dogon priest. This table is used to tell future events, and the way that it works is incredible.

The Diviner places tiny sticks and stones in the sand panels which represent God, people, harvest, life, love, and whatever else is on the mind of the asker. Every evening, the Diviner chants to invoke the sacred fox to come give his prophecy by leaving his footprints on the sand.

The next morning, the Diviner interprets the traces of the fox to reveal the answer to the question asked.

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