Exploring Tourism in Mali
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Museums Of Timbuktu

Timbuktu, Mali

There are 3 major museums in Timbuktu. The Municipal Museum, the Museum Club and Ahsan Elmensour korey. The Municipal Museum is locted in "Timbuktu koy Batouma" that is to say, the place where was the old Bouctou for the first time. In this museum we can find exhibitions, the well and the hut Bouctou "algalam Gambou" sacred door Timbuktu,  transformations of rock salt and other elements of culture and art. In museums Ahsane Club and Elmensour korey exposure of Islamic culture is dominant. There are tools like manuscripts, tablets on which the Koran was openned for reading, the various products that contribute to the achievement of manuscripts and other tools of those kinds.

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