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Songhai Dance Tour, The Takamba

Songhai Dance Tour, The Takamba Packages
Country: Mali
City: Timbuktu
Duration: 1 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Dance

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Takamba is music made for celebration; weddings mainly, but also birth and circumcision parties, harvest thanksgivings, festivities to mark the end of Ramadan and many other occasions of communal joy. Its driving force is the unmistakable takamba rhythm which pulses on the boom and bip before lurching at the end of every phrase, catching the uninitiated in mid-step. This beat is locked down by one or more players of the calabash, a species of over-sized died out pumpkin gourd that sounds like an entire drum kit in the hands of skilled player, with its deep booming bass thump and rattling ‘hi-hat’ click. Atop this sedate beat come the ngoni players. The ngoni is a three or four stringed lute. With generous historical license you could call it the great granddaddy of the blues guitar and you wouldn’t be too far wrong. The takamba musicians play the ngoni sitting down, with the instrument lying on the floor and one knee pressing down on its body.

Best time

After dinner, it normally takes place in a family.

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